Steve Skipper “Chosen” Bobby Bowden 27.5" x 23.25” Lithograph on Paper

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Bobby Bowden “Chosen” lithograph on paper 19" x 25" unframed print.

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A limited quantity of 534 pieces.


The Football Coaching career of one Bobby Bowden has been nothing short of spectacular. His leadership, integrity, and commitment to excellence were second to none. His devotion to Family as well as Team and community were all impeccable. A historic and epic journey with each step ordered by his God.

The plethora of Championships and the groundswell wherever he went is something in the world of legend. Prior to his passing, Coach Bowden and the Bowden Family chose Artist Steve R. Skipper to celebrate his life and career with an Original Painting and Limited Edition which would allow the Seminole Nation to relive the historic time in the Tallahassee sun.

Skipper's meticulous Work entitled “Chosen” perfectly illuminates Coach Bowden’s feelings towards his coaching career. It wasn’t a job but something he was chosen by God to do.



The Lithographic Process: First, color separations are reproduced from the original piece of art. Every color is broken down into a mixture of (generally, but not limited to) four basic colors: cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. Color separations are a dissection of the artwork into those four colors, similar to the way that television displays color, consisting of the overlaying of minuscule multicolored dots. The color separations are burned onto metal plates, and the plates are then attached to large rollers on a printing press. As the paper is pulled through the rollers, the image is reconstructed onto the paper. The overlaying dots of color are so small that they can only be seen by a very strong magnifying glass.



Steve Skipper is one of America's most prolific and honored artists. His works have hung in the Professional Football Hall of Fame, the U.S. Capitol, the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the Paul W. "Bear" Bryant Museum, the National Art Museum of Sport, NCAA headquarters, and many other venues nationwide.

His works also grace the walls of private collectors and sports icons worldwide. Additionally, his inspirational Christian art has been purchased by and inspired thousands and he has been commissioned to do numerous important historical works.

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